Ó (+40) 761-937-503
½ Bucharest, Romania
B.Sc. in Computer Science
6 Degree of Separation
Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science
Data Structures and Algorithms
2018 - present
½ Bucharest, Romania
May 2019
Progressing towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science
C application that illustrates the 6 degree of
at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, University
separation theory with actors from movies,
Politehnica of Bucharest,
using Graph Theory and algortihms.
1st year examination: 95.2%
Expected graduation: 2022
Face Recognition
Numerical Methods
High School diploma
May 2019
National College "Ecaterina Teodoroiu"
Face Recognition application in Matlab us-
2014 - 2018
½ Targu-Jiu, Romania
ing singular matrix decomposition, deter-
Baccalaureate 9.08/10.00
mine on the basis of the a set if other images
are known faces or not known faces or not
even human faces.
Security Summer School
June 2019 - July 2019
½ Bucharest, Romania
DNS Hierarchy
Data Structures and Algorithms
Security Summer school in University Politehnica of bucharest, a sum-
mer school focused on Practical Software Exploitation with an in-depth
April 2019
tour of what it means to discover, successfully exploit and patch a soft-
ware vulnerability.
C application that exemplifies a DNS
• Participated in Capture The Flag competitions, while challenges from cate-
hierarchy, resolving queries from
gories: cryptography, binary (reverse enegineering or exploiting a binary file),
users, using trees and data structures.
web and pwn.
• Wrote successful exploits and patched binaries.
Correction, elimination, sequential
data completion
Data Structures and Algorithms
Undergraduate teaching assistant
March 2019
Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science
C application that can manipulate a data
2019 - present
½ Bucharest, Romania
set using statistical methods, noise elimi-
• Teaching laboratory classes and creating assignments, scripts that verify and
nation using filters and data completion.
grade homework, laboratory exercises and exam subjects.
• Courses: Introduction to Operation System (focus on Linux and bash)
Pick My Clothes
Data Structures and Algorithms
November 2016
• C, Linux, Shell Scripting
C# Desktop application that helps you
• Python, Java, Assembly (x86), Matlab
decide your outfit based on the col-
• C#, LAT
ors of the clothes and the weather.
INFOMATRIX International Contest 2017
Awarded Bronze Medal for the "Pick My
Clothes" application.
7th place EmiaHacks, Capture The Flag
(CTF) competition.