My First Line of Code

Just today I stumbled upon this video. It is about Linus Torvald's first line of code. Thus, of course, I started thinking about my first lines of code and how I was interested in computers ever since I was a little.

I still remember my first "real" program. I was in the 6th or 7th grade and my sister just started high school, they were already learning the C++ syntax, variables, and how to read from standard input and write on standard output. I remember I was taking her notebooks when she was not using them and reading everything in it. Then I created a program that would read 2 integers from standard input and would output their sum on standard output. I didn't know what I was writing, or why it worked. It just worked.

I was so excited about what I did, the next day at school I had to tell that to all my colleagues and showed them at the informatics class. At that class, we were just editing Word files and just playing around in Microsoft Office. Even the teacher was impressed with what I showed them. I felt proud of myself.

Before that, I was playing around with WordPress websites and simple HTML and CSS lines. I and my neighbor were very good friends and we were spending a lot of time together. After discovering WordPress and the magic of HTML and CSS, I proposed to him we could create like an "archive" website with all our favorite cartoons so we could watch them at any time. But we never finished it because we didn't know what will happen if we just put videos that we do not own online, thus we never finished it. But I think it was an awesome initiative.